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Category: Multiplayer

Are you ready to challenge your friend in being a top fashion stylist in the world? Yes! Then here is your task. Choose your favorite model and concentrate. You have 10 seconds to [...]
★ Now you can play chess threesome! ★You don't have to wait in big companies anymore, until two players finish playing.If you think that this is very difficult, it is not.Rules of [...]
Domino is one of the oldest chinese games.It is still played in all the world by millions of people.With this game you will be able to play with your friends,thanks to the multipla [...]
Make words from the row of letters along the bottom of the board. Fire at will or strategically tunnel your way to the high scoring double and triple word score bonuses.
To view a trailer with lots of gameplay footage, please go here: features a single player practice mode called "Evil Androids" which al [...]
Follow the pattern of lights and sound as long as you can... if you can!
In this game there will be a board of 19 x 19 lines. You an your opponent will take turns to put pegs on the intersection of the lines. The one who lines up 5 or more of his/her ow [...]
A very social multiplayer game where you must think up the wittiest captions to Flickr photos before time runs out.  Get the most votes from other players to win but don't for [...]
Play Checkers with a FriendHow to PlayDrag and drop a piece diagonally towards your opponent. Legal moves will be highlighted. You may jump your opponent's piece if there is a spot [...]
Play 7 Point Pitch with a Friend or Two!InstructionsThe dealer deals 6 cards to each player. Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and continuing clockwise players bi [...]