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Category: Rhythm

Click the pulsating Square button, the larger it is, the more you score, the smaller it is, the smaller still it becomes.The challenge with Shrink or Score is to not only to gain t [...]
 Guitar Geek follows in the tradition of Konami's "Guitar Freaks" with fast, tight, ryhthm-based gameplay featuring six high quality thrash tracks and four levels of difficult [...]
Saber Duel is a blindfighting game. There are no fancy graphics, no sprites flying around the screen. When you don the training helmet, you will be blind except for the HUD showing [...]
These are three hungry little cubs - feed the forest animals by dragging the requested food item with your mouse and placing it on their table.
Tooki and Mooki are two hungry monkeys but they need to work together and collect all those delicious bananas. Press space to jump once and press it again during the jump to get mo [...]
Press the same keyboards as Bobo does using the left mouse button - remember to do it in the exact order he does it in.
Babies are cute and lovable, but when there are so many of them, things can get pretty crazy. You have to feed, bathe and amuse all the babies that come into your daycare babysitti [...]
Use your gardening and management skills to the maximum - grow fruit trees and sell the produce.
You run a fancy hairdressing saloon and you have to make all the teen stars look great but watch out, they are pretty picky about their hairstyles.
Make scores by hiting same color fireworks. More accuracy give you more scores.Unlock new songs by finish level with more than 50% success rate.Play challenge mode to submit your h [...]