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Category: Shooting

paper plane war alpha
Billiards Shooter - Fun billiard style flash game. In this fun game You need to sink all the red balls to clear a level. The white ball must stay on the table and do not hit the BO [...]
You are a sniper in the army on the battlefield and You must shoot all the enemy soldiers. They can hide behinde the bushess but there is no protection. Your bullets can reach the [...]
Nine Ball - Billiard flash game. The game is played on a pocket billiards table with six pockets and with ten balls. The cue ball, (white) is struck to hit the lowest numbered ball [...]
Use your arsenal of arrows in this physics based archery game to dispatch your enemies.rnrnClick on the main character and draw behind him, like your drawing a bow to set your shot [...]
A multi-tasking game where you must shoot falling missiles on one side while catch fruits on the other. There are many powerups to both sides and getting them are necessary to doin [...]
You must toss the objects that you hold to the objects inbig tree.Each objects in bigtree have own value. be careful don't miss more than 5Before play you can build the character t [...]
Click on the stars to shoot them before they hit you or you'll die.
Shoot different colored aimers at bombs of different colors. Lose a life if you shoot a bomb with a non-matching aimer.
You got infected by germs. Not just an any germs, it’sALIEN GERMS!It’s time for: Detox Capsule! Special medicine which you could control to blast all the germs ins [...]