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Our lady Valentine wants to help people celebrate her namesake day! She needs you to help run her store and make money to improve and grow.Use Mouse to navigate,all instruction is [...]
The world is ending! Run!Left or Right ('A' or 'D') to run.Up to boost.There are many achievements hidden throughout the game.---Four obstacles ---Huge meteors plummet towards the [...]
 You are a valentine elve that has to defend his love from all of the evil elves that are trieng to destroy your love! Kill them with your love gun before they cast a spell on [...]
Getting hired to work in a factory is harder than you may think! ;)Your job is to spot all the faulty items so that they get destroyed before they pass through the conveyor. If you [...]
It is another lovely day, sun shines and gentle breeze breaks the leaves off the tree trunk and gives you a warm welcome. In this fabulous shopping mall you are about to meet your [...]
Do you remember your first day at school? Help the little hero out by clicking on different objects in the environment.
In this game you are playing a role of the men who throw flowers to girls
High schools can always be a tough place to fit in,choosing the right outfit can determine how the rest of the year will go for you. Different outfits will allow you to fit in with [...]
Rosie is crazy about the color pink. She is preparing to walk down the street, which is draped in fading pink light as setting sun has lit up the evening sky in pink. She needs gui [...]
Kid's coloring: Sunny day is free coloring game.