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Tag: gravity

Slide iron plates to release water.rnThis puzzle game is designed to train your brain.rnSlide iron plates to create a path for water to flow out of the box.rnUnique situations. Unl [...]
Move your ball with the arrow keys or wasd, and hold the space bar to float your ball up in the air.  Bounce on the platforms and collect stars to earn points and gain floatin [...]
Chargeball is a pinball like skill game where you have to collect all the orbs while jumping from bumper to bumper and avoiding walls using arrow keys.
Latest update: Achievements!Controls: WASD to move, mouse to shoot and interact. Keys 1-6 changes weapons (or the scroll of the mouse.)This game is complete.Please feel free to con [...]
Build the highest tower using only 99 Bricks.Use the arrow keys to move your brick. Up key or space bar rotates the brick, 'c' key discards the current brick, 'z' key can be used t [...]
Use your mouse to push the bombs away from the flaming fireball.  Keep them inside the bubbles or they'll start counting down.  If their timer reaches 0, it'll blow up an [...]
*Game has been updated so you can submit scoreat any time, and you can pause the game and submit too. Also an idea of where sponsor logos and links would appear have been added!*&n [...]
Move your orb to the pedestal at the end of the stage to advance. Don't hit the walls or obstacles, or you'll have to start over.
Get Zafiro into the portal by rotating the whole board, gravity will do the rest.Use the colored blocks to help you reach the portal, they move just like Zafiro.The fixed blocks ca [...]
Space to release ship, arrow keys or WASD to control itSee in-game instructions.Can you defeat the forces of gravity?