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Tag: Whirled

Make words from the row of letters along the bottom of the board. Fire at will or strategically tunnel your way to the high scoring double and triple word score bonuses.
 1. Click groups of three or more pieces to gather resources.2. When night falls, deploy your shambling hordes!3. Send your corpse army to destroy your foe's workshop before h [...]
CONTROLSW, A, S, D:  Thrust & SteeringsBlaster:  BlasterSecondary Weapon:  Shift, BSHIPS, POWERUPS, & RADARWasp* Medium speed, armor, and maneuverability* Sh [...]
Play Checkers with a FriendHow to PlayDrag and drop a piece diagonally towards your opponent. Legal moves will be highlighted. You may jump your opponent's piece if there is a spot [...]
 Slay Werewolves/Kill VillagersRequires minimally 6 people to play, and plays a lot better with 9+. Back StoryYour village has been cursed with werewolves. They come out at ni [...]
The multiplayer drawing game and world of collaborative art.INSTRUCTIONS- When it's your turn, a secret word will appear for you to draw. The other players are trying to be the fir [...]
 TriviaShow everyone how much you know. Vote on a Category Click on the category you want to see a question in. Category votes accumulate across rounds, so keep voting fo [...]
 Get People to Guess Your WordRequires a minimum of two people to play and the more the merrier.How to PlayPlayers take turns giving hints to their words without using the illegal [...]
 Everyone is given a unique set of words. When a word is used, it is replaced with a new word.The game is played in rounds. Each round one player judges. A random adjective is [...]